100% Recycled Packaging

And by 100% recyclable we mean that both the carton and the label – including all inks and glues - are completely biodegradable. Even better, our entire packaging process is entirely carbon neutral. When we say environmentally friendly, we mean evironmentally friendly.

The Carton

All Wattle ridge egg cartons are formed from recycled paper. Waste paper is collected from printing presses, offices and homes, sent to the factory and washed in an organic soap to remove the print. During the filtering process all solid and foreign objects such as plastic are removed before the paper is pulped and shaped. After shaping, the egg cartons are placed on drying trays and then put through the drying oven where they are heated to create a solid egg carton.

The Label

All Wattle ridge egg carton labels are printed with environmentally friendly vegetable inks.The labels on the cartons are made of paper and pasted on.