About Us

In 2002, we decided to develop a farm that would dramatically reduce its footprint on the earth by giving back to the environment.

Wattle ridge farm is the result.

Located in regional Australia, it is this country's first layer hen farm focussed on both saving the environment and giving back to it.

On the farm is a tree planting program which is second to none. 14,000 trees and surrounding farming land are fed with vital nutrients from chicken manure. Not a drop of grey water on the farm is wasted. It's all fed into a water treatment plant and then used to water the trees. Any excess is then stored.

Wattle ridge chickens are fed with wholesome natural grains so they produce an equally wholesome and healthy egg.

Unlike many other farms, Wattle ridge eggs are untouched by human hands and are graded, packed and sent for delivery all on the same day. This means the freshest eggs to you with the highest level of food safety.